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Over The Hill

461 days since seizure 459 days since surgery 427 days since first day of chemo 47 days since last chemo 22 days since MRI report All adds up to… 461 days of changing people’s lives When we were in the doctor’s office waiting for our report, (just like every other month) I couldn’t help but to just SMILE and LAUGH. Usually people would be frightened, peeing their… Read more →


An Unforgetable Day

Thanksgiving Day 2014, might I say was… ONE FOR THE BOOKS.  Why? Before this whole brain cancer happened, Jordan and my dad had made plans to get baptized in the Jordan River… but obviously with my dad going through  treatment, it ended up being a no-go. So my brother suggested, “Why not get baptized in good old Lake Stevens?(because that… Read more →

New New New

    EVERYTHING IS NEW! It’s a NEW year, NEW season in life, NEW resolutions (that we rarely accomplish), NEW puppy… yup, you read that right… a NEW PUPPY. Over the past couple of months we have adopted a new family member. Everybody… meet Cooper Carter. He is one fun, smart, loving, hilarious yellow lab. You see, we use to… Read more →


Well…. Yes. I have been slacking on keeping you guys updated. Life gets busy. But that is no excuse…I am VERY sorry! Now that all of the mushy-gushy apology stuff is out of the way, I’ll give you an update on the last 2 months… Long story short, My dad had another MRI done and unfortunately it did show a little… Read more →


Well he did it! He finished the first phase of chemo and radiation. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!? I have never been so proud of a person in my entire life. He came out of the radiation facility with some flowers (so manly) and his radiation mask. They asked him if he wanted to keep his mask when he was… Read more →


Every year our family is all about traditions, especially when it comes to camping trips. The first camping trip; the one that the CARTER CLAN has been going to WAYYY before I was born is Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop, WA. This is the place where I learned how to gut out a fish. No matter how old you are, if you fish… Read more →

Classic Owen

The other day I was minding my own business upstairs, when I heard my mom scream, “CIARA! CIARA! COME HERE!!” Instantly I thought the worst, that my dad had fallen and hit his head or something bad had happened. Then she yells, “TAKE A PICTURE! TAKE A PICTURE”. So I ran downstairs knowing that it couldn’t be too tragic…and what did I… Read more →

This will NOT define us

This past week has been tough. There were moments when… reality hit HARD. Monday night was the first night that my dad took chemo. Right before he was about to take the pill he said, “I’m ready to poison myself.” How terrible is that saying? Being as stubborn as I am, someone would have to strap me down and shove… Read more →

The First Step

Today there were a lot of firsts. First day for my dad to go back to work (half day), first day of radiation and first day of chemotherapy. Appointment after appointment, Providence Hospital knows us well. Whenever we walk into the medical department I just can’t help but laugh. Whether it’s the doctor’s office, the hospital, the cancer center; they… Read more →

The Dominator

I don’t think most people know this but, my dad has a nickname, and it is…The DOMINATOR. A little background story… We play multiple games of volleyball every year while we are family camping, and my dad thinks he is really good. He thinks he is SO good he “Dominates.” Well I mean he is alright, I’ll give him some… Read more →