The missing link?

Recently we found out there could possibly be a “Missing Link” to Glioblastoma. As you might ask “What is a missing link?” Well that’s exactly what I thought when we walked into the doctor’s office. Our chemo doctor, Dr. Jiang, TRIED to explain to us (Emphasize tried) how there is a clinical trial in place right now and the outcome is looking very successful. All I heard was Protein, Atoms, Genes, Cells. He was drawing pictures and writing weird codes like EGFRV³, trying to explain what is happening. But, what I was thinking the whole time “I’m a blonde, 19-year-old, MUSIC major… I’ll just sit here, nod my head, and act like I know what he’s talking about.”

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetAfterwards, we went to the marina and went for a walk on the water. My Dad started to explain all of the weird pictures and words to me in a dumbed down version. Let’s remember, he even had BRAIN surgery and he is still smarter than me. There is supposedly a clinical trial in place for those that have a certain protein. They are able to use a vaccine and by doing this, have had good results. My Dad has 1 out of 4 chance of having this special protein, and if he does, he will be put into a double blinded clinical trial during the 2nd phase of his chemo.

Now that it made sense, I understand why it was good news. I mean at least there is a chance… right? On top of that, Dr. Jiang had more good news. It was like Jesus was speaking to us… ” I bring you good news of great joy!” How could this even be possible… We are actually getting GOOD NEWS? He went on to explain that my dad has a good mutation in his body called methylation. Methylation co-pilots with the chemo and fights the cancer cells. It almost acts as a SUPER chemo. Once again PRAISE JESUS.

In reality, these are just doctor’s notes from other patient’s results. Our God is the amazing physician. He is the one who puts everything in place and knows all cells and genes by name. My God made my Dads DNA before he was born.

As I am sitting here thinking… Yes my Dad is sick, but, so are we! We are all sick. Maybe not physically, but I’m sure if we got tested, it would come out as a positive for being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually broken, SICK people. When we have an intimacy with the Lord and ask him (Luke 11:10) to be our great physician, He is our healer. He is our love. He is our peace. He has every necessary tool to heal us. Through this journey, I have experienced this firsthand. I have never felt so much love, peace, joy, grace, and boldness. He is most definitely our AMAZING physician.

Luke 11:10 “For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will open.”






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